Beauty preparations before your wedding day

Choosing the right hair and make up artist for you can be a huge part of planning your wedding! It’s really important that you feel comfortable around this person and that they do a great job. It’s equally important that your hair and make up stays in place the whole day… And night!

Hair and make up is something you shouldn’t have to worry about when it comes to your wedding day. Professional hair stylists and make up artists will find out what skin type you have and will then tailor the products to suit you by using mattifying primers if you have oily skin, and hydrating primers if you have drier skin.I tend to use oil free foundations on my brides such as Kat Von D, Estée Lauder and sometimes MAC. I find they last on the skin a lot longer and even if you have dry or dehydrated skin, if it’s prepped well, you won’t notice that it’s oil free.

Once the foundation is done, I set it with a powder even if it’s just loosely around the ‘T zone’ area. Nowadays, everyone is after that bridal glow, dewy skin look and too much powder in the wrong areas can mattify the skin.

I always use a waterproof mascara with brides as a wedding day can be emotional, and you wouldn’t want to ruin the make up!

I find that when make up is applied properly it should last you until the following day if needed; not that this is something I’d recommend!

I always tell my brides the most important things to have on them is their lipstick I think lipsticks are really personal, I know the colours I wear are for me! And no matter what anyone says they never last! Also, if you have oily skin I’d recommend carrying a translucent powder with you. These are the only two products I’d recommend for the day.

I would highly recommend a good skin regimen and plenty of water before your big day! I like to use natural products on my skin such as, Vichy, la rouge posay, pro active skincare range and simple face wash.

It’s really important to know your skin type before you go and buy a complete skincare range. If you wash your face and it feels a little tight immediately afterwards and then you find that later on in the day it’s oily along your T-Zone (nose and in between your brows), you most probably have dry/dehydrated or combination skin. If your skin shows no change, you most probably have a normal skin type but if you notice a shine all over and have acne prone skin, then it’s oily.

Finally, I’d also recommend regular facials before your wedding.