h prior to booking with me. If you’re unsure about anything written here, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. By paying a deposit, you agree to the terms below.


I’m covered with Public Liability Insurance by UK Insurance Ltd. For wedding bookings, I also recommend that my clients take out a Wedding Insurance Policy to cover themselves in the event of unforeseen circumstances outside of either my or their control.

Sensitivity to makeup products

All clients (both you and any other parties involved in your booking) must inform me of any allergies, sensitivities or medical conditions that may arise from the use of any makeup products I use. It’s the client’s responsibility to conduct their own research or seek medical advice beforehand regarding this as I can’t be held liable for any medical issues caused by the application of my products on either you or other individuals involved in your booking. If this is a concern, please let me know in advance and I’lll be happy to provide details of the products I intend to use. You’re free to use/choose your own products but if you do, I can’t offer any guarantees regarding the performance or longevity of them. Please be aware that I’m unable to offer any discounts if you want me to use your own products.

Cancellations/changes to bookings made by you

Although uncommon, the need to cancel or change a booking may sometimes arise. If you decide to cancel, you must contact me directly as I’m unable to accept cancellations by someone else on your behalf. You must give me at least 72 hrs notice for the cancellation of a full/part trial booking as no refund will be given if the cancellation is within 72 hrs. If you wish to re-book afterwards, a new booking must be paid for and no refunds will be given for work that’s already been carried out.

In the event that you need to make changes to your booking, you must provide me with 3 months’ notice in advance. I’ll do my best to accommodate any changes requested by you but this is dependent upon my availability or any other commitments I may have already made. If you wish to reduce your booking within 3 months, you’ll still need to pay the full amount. My minimum charge will still apply to any reductions made that take your booking below this amount at any time. If you need to cancel your booking completely and cancel within 3 months of the booking date, you’ll only need to pay 50 % of the full amount. If you cancel within 1 month, no refund will be given and you’ll still need to pay the full amount.

Postponement of bookings

If you wish to postpone your booking or need to change the date, I’m happy to accept one date change (subject to availability on the new date). If you wish to change the date more than once, you will need to pay another booking fee. Please note that I can only accept postponements with no additional fees if your new date falls within the same calendar year. If you wish to re-book for the following year on a peak-day (‪Friday to Sunday‬ between May and September), you’ll need to pay the full booking fee again. Alternatively, you can change your booking without additional fees up to 12 months in advance if your new date is on an off-peak weekday (‪Monday-Thursday‬).

Cancellations/changes made by me

Occasionally, unforeseen events can occur (e.g. illness, travel problems, etc.). If this happens, I’ll do my best to source an alternative makeup artist on the day. If I’m unable to do so, I’ll pay a full refund (including deposit) for any work that hasn’t been carried out. I don’t currently charge any additional fee if I use an assistant; I only ask that you pay their travel costs. In the event that the assistant is unable to attend and I’m unable to source a replacement, I’ll either request an earlier start time or provide you with a full refund of their travel fees.

Very rarely, bookings are made under false pretences or the client(s) is/are uncooperative/abusive. If this happens, I reserve the right to cancel a booking immediately on this basis following or during a trial and if so, your deposit won’t be refunded.

Minimum booking fees, charges and payments

Peak season means bookings that fall ‪Friday to Sunday‬ ‪between 1st May and 30th September‬. During this time I only accept wedding bookings for a minimum of 4 people. If you wish to book during this time for less than 4 people, you’ll still need to pay the minimum charge.

For weddings, I ask for a (non-refundable) deposit of £100 to secure your chosen date. Please be aware that I don’t accept any bookings or reserve dates without a deposit. I also work on a “first-come, first-served” basis so if you’ve expressed an interest in booking with me and I receive another enquiry for the same date afterwards, I’ll give you the option of paying a deposit for that date first.

I ask that trials are paid for as soon as you confirm the trial date. Any remaining balance shown on your invoice must be paid in full no later than one calendar month before your chosen date, otherwise your booking may be cancelled.

My prices usually changed once a year. If my prices increase, you’ll still only pay the original price agreed at the time of booking.

I charge a modest travel fee for all journeys location from my home in Chislehurst, Kent; the distance is calculated using Google Maps. If I travel into Central London (zone 1 to 3), I charge an additional flat-fee of £50. If there are likely to be additional travel costs such as road tolls/congestion charges/car parks/parking meter fees etc., I’ll discuss this with you beforehand.

Due to time constraints, there are certain bookings that may require the use of one or more assistants. These are typically bookings for more than 3 hair and makeup clients at the same time and 6 simultaneous hair and/or makeup clients. Please bear in mind that some venues may restrict access times so this will also need to be taken into consideration.

If you need me to begin work prior to ‪7am‬, this will incur a £50 surcharge. Depending on the location of your event, I may also require overnight accommodation close to your chosen venue. This usually only happens if the venue is over 2 hours’ drive for me, you require a very early start or if there are any other unforeseen delays.

If your event is overseas, I charge for the return flight, any associated travel costs (trains, taxis etc.) and one night’s accommodation. A minimum booking charge of £500 applies to all overseas bookings.

Wedding day timing

To keep timings consistent on the day, it’s crucial that we stick to a pre-agreed schedule. If you or any members of your group are not ready when we need you to be, we can’t offer a refund. If you’re late and we don’t have sufficient time to complete the work previously agreed or we have to overrun on time, no refunds/compensation can be claimed by you. I will always allow more time than needed on the day just to be on the safe side. You should also inform me of any possible travel delays, hindrances or other factors that may affect timings on the day. This can also include any members of your party that you think may pose difficulties or delay our work. If this is the case, I strongly recommend that the individual(s) have a trial session beforehand to avoid any unnecessary complications on your wedding day. Furthermore, to ensure things run smoothly, you should also be aware that we’ll need a sufficiently sized table and chair to place our equipment on. If it isn’t already in place before we arrive, delays can happen while waiting for venue staff to source these from another location.


From time to time, I love to update the photos on my website and on social media platforms. If you’d prefer me not to use any of your photos, please let me know. Myself and my team are happy to be included in your pictures and you don’t need to ask our permission – We love it when you showcase the work we’ve done and I’d appreciate it if you could link to my website if you use any pictures that we’re a part of.

Once again, if there are any aspects above that you’re uncertain about or if you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know prior to booking.