Makeup Lessons

Now offering makeup lessons, both one to one and group lessons.

Makeup lessons last up to two hours. Within this time I will be covering a natural daytime look and building this up to a full glam evening makeup, the correct coverage for your skin to creating the desired look, the colours that suit your skin tone and eyes and the correct way of applying make up so that it lasts!

I have worked as a makeup artist now for over 12 years and find that most women I meet have their own skincare and makeup routine that they’ve had all of their lives and they don’t like to change this because it’s bringing you out of your comfort zones. However, wearing the same look on a daily basis when you do have that special occasion you just don’t feel any different.

Makeup is such a huge statement for us women; it instantly gives you that confidence and to me, it’s really important that my clients still feel like themselves, just an enhanced version. I personally find that small changes can make such a huge difference.

Nowadays most brands (both high street and high-end) cater for everyone. A lot of people don’t understand makeup and can find it pretty daunting walking into a beauty hall. For example, not only do foundations come in different shades, they also come in different textures. Some are full coverage, some are sheer, some with a glow and also tinted moisturisers. It’s really important to know your own skin type before you pick the correct foundation for you. This has a lot to do with how long your makeup lasts and looks throughout the day.

I will be teaching you how to chose the correct colour for your skin tone, which foundation will suit your skin type and the correct application to get the most out of your makeup.

During your makeup lesson, I would start by applying the makeup on one side of your face and get you to apply on the other side. I find practicing this on yourself rather than just watching makes a huge difference.

I will also be holding one-to-one make up lessons once a week in Chislehurst for women that have had cancer; I will be doing this free of charge. Please message me for further details.