How to match your wedding jewellery to your makeup

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Dress, hair, and makeup sorted but still stumped about your jewellery? Emily Tebbutt, from Ramsdens Jewellery, offers her advice to brides who are looking to add the perfect finishing touches to their wedding outfit.

Your wedding day is very special, so it’s not uncommon for brides to want to go all out. It's important to find a level of extravagance that you feel the most comfortable with, whether you're a fancy or minimalist bride, but if you want to look your best then you'll need to achieve a good level of balance in your overall look.

That means taking all the little details into account when you're choosing your jewellery, such as how it complements your hair and makeup. So, below are my tips for picking jewellery to wear on your wedding day to help you get it right.

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Makeup Lessons

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Now offering makeup lessons, both one to one and group lessons.

Makeup lessons last up to two hours. Within this time I will be covering a natural daytime look and building this up to a full glam evening makeup, the correct coverage for your skin to creating the desired look, the colours that suit your skin tone and eyes and the correct way of applying make up so that it lasts!

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Beauty preparations before your wedding day

Choosing the right hair and make up artist for you can be a huge part of planning your wedding! It’s really important that you feel comfortable around this person and that they do a great job. It's equally important that your hair and make up stays in place the whole day... And night!

Hair and make up is something you shouldn’t have to worry about when it comes to your wedding day. Professional hair stylists and make up artists will find out what skin type you have and will then tailor the products to suit you by using mattifying primers if you have oily skin, and hydrating primers if you have drier skin.I tend to use oil free foundations on my brides such as Kat Von D, Estée Lauder and sometimes MAC. I find they last on the skin a lot longer and even if you have dry or dehydrated skin, if it’s prepped well, you won’t notice that it’s oil free.

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The importance of a bridal hair and make up trial

Why is it so important to have a trial when it comes to hair and make up for your big day?

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting time of your life but it can also be extremely stressful. There is so much planning that goes into a wedding - Flowers, your cake, favours, location, picking the perfect dress, bridesmaids, photographers, videographers and of course, your hair and make up.

Bridal hair and makeup trial

Most experienced professional hair and make up artists take bookings a year before your actual wedding. Personally, I don’t secure a bride's actual wedding date until she has had a trial with me and is 100% happy. I will then take a deposit to secure the date and time allowance for each person.

It's advisable to book your trial well in advance and you can even arrange to have it on a day that you're already going out. Why not make the most of your hair and makeup?!

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Recommended photographer


I highly recommend Jessica Blomiley for both fashion photography, maternity shoots and also newborn photography.

Having been a plus size model for over ten years Jessica has a real insight from behind and in front of the camera for really bringing out the best in people and making you feel comfortable behind the camera. Her work ranges from high fashion working with some of the top agencies in the U.K. to newborn babies and mums to be! She really has an eye for bringing out the best in you!

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